Top 3 Christmas Markets In Europe

christmas markets Dec 21, 2020

Hello everyone, Christmas mood is surrounded by the streets and houses. This year, we will all be at home due to Covid-19. By decorating our homes, we can keep the Christmas atmosphere alive in our homes. Have you decorated your Christmas trees? My advice is that you can start creating a great Christmas atmosphere in your home by listening to our spotify list Christmas Mode | Pabbler.

What about the Christmas markets? Unfortunately, Christmas markets are not set up in many countries this year. But let's take a look at the most beautiful Christmas markets, I will be somewhere on this list next year!

  1. Stortorget Julmarknad - Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Old Town

This Christmas market is located in the Old Town, in the heart of Stockholm. If you have been or are going to Stockholm, you are unlikely to not see it anyway. I would love to visit the Christmas market among the magical and historical texture of Stockholm.

2. Helsinki Christmas Market - Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Christmas market takes place in Senate Square. While visiting this market, you can feel the Christmas atmosphere with Glögni, warming mulled wine. There are 133 benches. You can find anything from handmade products to reindeer meat.

3. Christkindelsmärik - Strasbourg, France

One of Europe's oldest Christmas markets is Christkindelsmärik, also known as Marché de l'Enfant Jésus, in Strasbourg. Also  you must eat bredele biscuits that comes in a range of flavours, such as hazelnut, orange, cinnamon or praline. If you want to try warming mulled wine here, you can see the name 'vin chaud' everywhere. Also you must eat bredele biscuits that comes in a range of flavors, such as hazelnut, orange, cinnamon or praline.

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