Low-Budget Ways to Travel

travel Apr 23, 2020

There are many ways to both travel abroad and earn money. According to the information we get from the WorldoMeter, the number of countries in the world is 195. So how many of you have visited? We recommend that you read our blog carefully to discover more places with low-budget.

1.   Work and Travel

If you are a student, this is a great opportunity to experience America for 3 months. You will learn about the culture of America and the culture of the countries of other students participating in the program. By working in America, known as a land of opportunities, you both earn money and get the chance to explore America with the money you earn.

work and travel

2.   Internship

As a student, the experiences in your school life are very valuable. Your internships are an important part of your CV. Therefore, the internship in a valuable company that you will arrange abroad will contribute to your business life. You will also discover the culture and lifestyle of that country during your internship.


3.   Working on Organic Farm

Another way to travel on a low budget is to work on organic farms that are common in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and America. Small jobs such as wall painting, lemon picking or winemaking can be your source of income in these farms. And it makes a great contribution to discovering that country.

organic farm

4.   Volunteering Projects

Another way to make money while traveling is to participate in volunteering projects in Europe, Asia or America. Usually these projects cover travel, accommodation, food, language training and monthly pocket money. So exploring that country while taking part in a voluntary project can be an unforgettable experience for you.


5.   Traveling with Pabbler

Did you know that you will earn money by renting the empty spaces in your traveling suitcase? Yes, this is possible. Just plan your route and rent the empty spaces in your luggage to Pabbler. If you say 'how so?' click here.