Learn More About USA's Icon Statue of Liberty

statue of liberty Jul 23, 2020

She is America's one of the most known icons is the Statue of Liberty.  She is a symbol of freedom. You can see it in every American sitcom. How much do you know about the Statue of Liberty?  Let's learn more about it in 5 facts

1The Place of Statue

The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island. Which is located in New York. The height of the statue is 46 meters from feet to torch. Every year almost 3.5 million people visit. The statue has a 35-foot waistline. The total weight of the Statue of Liberty is 225 tons.

2 It Was A Gift

The Statue of Liberty is a gift from French citizens to USA citizens for the 100th anniversary of the USA's establishment.  The statues first planned to build to Port Said Harbour by the Ottoman Empire for the agreement made between the Ottoman and Egypt because of The Suez Canal. The Ottoman paid a part of the money to construct the statue. When the statue constructed Egypt rejected to have it on the harbor for the citizens' tranquility.

3 The Statue's Pedestal

The star-shaped Fort Wood, which now serves as part of the statue’s pedestal, was home to military families from 1818 until the mid-1930s. These military families often included young children like Pete Bluhm.

4The Colour of The Statue

When the statue first made it was gold like a shiny new penny. In 20 years it got a green-blue hue.

5The Model of the Statue

The Liberty of the Statue made according to a real women model. The architecture who is Frederic Bartholdi used her mother as a model and it was a mother's day gift to her mother.

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