Cheers! It is World Milk Day

world milk day Jun 01, 2020

Cheers to everyone today is World Milk Day. World Milk Day is an international day. Milk Day established by Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO). Milk Day's goal is raising awareness about the importance ıf milk. This day first designated in 2001. 1st of June selected as the date because before 2001 some countries were celebrating 1st of June as Milk Day. If you want to learn more about the World Milk Day you can visit the days' website.

To protest this day Planet Based News started to celebrate World Plant Milk Day on. August 22. This day first designated in 2017. Their protest aimed to state their objection to environmental impact, health effects and animal abuse of dairy industry. This day promoted by #WorldPlantMilkDay hashtag. Also if you want to learn more about World Plant Milk Day you can visit the days' website

Milk is one of the most consumed products almost in every country. Every year almost 223 billion liters milk consumed. So according to this consumption more than 264 million dairy cows produce 600 million tonnes of milk every year. India is the world's biggest milk producer with 146.31 million tonnes of milk. The United States of America and then China follows India with 93.5 and 45 million tonnes of milk respectively.

It might sound weird but the worlds' most expensive milk is produced in Japan by Nakazawa Foods. This milks one bottle is 43dollar. For this milk, cows are milked at dawn. According to Nakazawa cows excrete melatonin at dawn time so when they milk the cows at dawn milk contains melatonin too. The melatonin in milk makes people happy when they drink that milk. That is why this milk is that expensive.

Other interesting pieces of information are about how to prevent milk spoilage. In the past Russian, people put a frog into the milk bottle to prevent spoilage.  When scientists did research it shows up that frogs skins involved various efficient antibiotics. There is another way which is used to now too. You can add a pinch of salt to the milk bottle.

There are a lot of different museums and places about milk and the history of the milk but one of the most interesting is National Dairy Shrine. National Dairy Shrine is located in the United States of America. This place is established in 1949 by Wisconsin. The purpose of this place is to record the history of milk and supporting the dairy industry. If you wonder to visit this place you can read our writing about traveling in cheap ways. It will help about planning your trip.