Being Timely in England by Most Selling 5 Newspapers

newspaper Mar 10, 2020

Nowadays many people are reading the news on the internet but some people still buy a newspaper. In England the amount of newspaper, sell has decreased by almost 1 million.However, an England newspaper has the 11th place in the worlds most sold newspapers list.

1.The Sun

The Sun is the most selling newspaper in England. Also, it is 11th most selling newspaper in the world. This newspaper is also sold in Ireland too. The newspaper has found in 1964 and first published in England and then published in Ireland. This newspaper is a tabloid type.

2. Daily Mail

It is a daily published newspaper Also it is 15th most selling newspaper in the world.Additionally, it is a daily middle-market tabloid newspaper. It is published in London. Founded in 1896 It is founded by two brothers who are Alfred and Harold Harmsworth.

3. The Sun on Sunday

It is a tabloid newspaper too. The Sun on Sunday is published in the United Kingdom and theRepublic of Ireland. It is firstly founded as a broadsheet in 1964 When it was a broadsheet it was a successor to Daily Herald. Then it is purchased by its current owners and then it published as a tabloid in 1969.

4. Mail on Sunday

It is a conservative newspaper. It is published in tabloid format too. It was launched as sister newspaper to the Daily Mail by Lord Rothermere in 1982. Its headquarters is located in London. Mail on Sunday's first issue date is May 2, 1982.

5. The Sunday Times

It is the most selling national newspaper in the quality market category. It is published by TimesNewspaper which is a subsidiary of News UK. Then it is owned, News Corp. The Sunday Times first issue date is 1821 Additionally, Times Newspapers publishes The Times too.

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