2020autumntrends Oct 12, 2020

Hello, everyone! After the bright color of summer, we entered the pessimism of autumn. As a result, clothing trends have also aligned with colors. I'm sure the harmony of the dark blue of the sky and the yellow leaves on the ground is admirable for most of us. And it made us feel autumn to our bones. Let's examine beautiful colors and look at clothing trends!

We're familiar with the harmony of 2020 fall trends and colors at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week this year. Let's examine the beautiful colors and the parts they use with you.

Voluminous Oversize Coats

Voluminous oversized coats, which stand out at fashion weeks in coat and jacket trends, are highly appreciated. Both comfortable and luxurious, these jackets create a nostalgic atmosphere. This year's trend is Samba color, which has appeared at both London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. Check out this year's voluminous oversize coats trends from brands such as Chanel, Versace and Isabel Marant!

Bold Trend-Underwear

The underwear trend, which is designed by established brands such as Dolce & Gabanna, Dior, was highly appreciated this fall. This piece, usually combined with black, has a see-through design. It seems to be quite trending this year and we'll see it on top of most celebrities. At the same time, the beauty of the black and see-through harmony is dazzling!

Magical Clothing : Cape

And finally, the capes! The cloaks, indispensable to supernatural legends, are also with us this autumn / winter season. You can combine these cloaks with all your pieces with each color. Make room for them in your lockers!

I hope it has been a useful blog for you! See you on healthy days as soon as possible:)