nelson mandela Jul 18, 2020

Nelson Mandela, the legendary leader of South Africans, was known as the "Leader of Freedom and Reconciliation". Committed to fighting against the Apartheid Regime, which predicts his white superiority, Mandela struggled to end racial discrimination across the country.

The United Nations declared July 18 "International Nelson Mandela Day" for its fight against racism and support freedom.

Nelson Mandela, who is a symbol all over the world with his struggle against racial discrimination, lived between July 18th, 1918 and December 5th, 2013. As a son of a tribal chief, he was born in Mveza, Eastern Cape. He was called Madiba by his tribe.

He was imprisoned for 27 years because he was against the Apartheid regime.He won the "Nobel Peace Prize" for his struggle.

Mandela became the first democratically elected president of the country in 1994 with the election of South African people from all walks of life. He did not agree to be a candidate in the elections for the second time, leaving his job in 1999.

Forgiving those who did it instead of avenging the torture of suffering he suffered in prisons, Mandela joined the global peace and health campaigns to benefit humanity after leaving his post as president in 1999.